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Pondycott Wirehaired Vizsla Puppies

We have shared our smallholding in Somerset with Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas since 1999 when our first bitch Krista found her way into our lives. We were searching for a breed that would be suitable for life on a smallholding, good with a young family as well as being able to let us know if anyone was around our property as we live rurally.

After visiting Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court and talking to many breeders the Wires caught our eye and that was it… we were hooked. Following quite a bit of searching as the breed was still very rare at that time we eventually brought home Krista from Derbyshire, she was from one of the first litters in the UK.

Krista was everything we hoped for, a truly amazing dog who quickly became part of our family, her temperament was exceptional and she did not visit a vet for any illness in her 12 years of very happy life. We are now enjoying our sixth generation from our treasured Krista, and her kind spirit lives on in all of them. We have named our latest puppy Krista in her honour as she carries her happy and calm nature.

Our bitches are fit and healthy, hip scored and HUU tested. We select our stud dogs very carefully for health, type and temperament. Their progeny are Kennel Club registered and we breed to Kennel Club rules.

Puppies are vet checked, microchipped, wormed, have their first vaccinations and leave us from 8 weeks of age with a Pondycott puppy pack. They are reared indoors in a loving family environment so are very well socialised and ready for their forever homes. We offer a lifetime of support and we are willing to take back any dog we have bred at any stage of its life. Our pups have settled well in both pet and working homes.

Out latest addition is Kaspa, our first ever male wirehaired vizsla who has been carefully selected for temperament and type in the hope he will become our in house stud dog once he has matured. He's already a laid back member of the pack and always ready with a waggy tail to welcome homeboarders.

We welcome puppy enquiries and are always pleased to have visitors so we can showcase our girls and answer any questions you may have about the breed.

Find out more about our stud dog Kaspa here

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