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New Client Registration

We use Doggiedashboard to manage our business. If you are a new client please use the button below. Once submitted we will receive a notification:

Policies & Procedures

You can download/ acknowledge our Policies and Procedures from the New Clients Registration form above or here



In accordance with licensing requirements all dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations and a copy must be uploaded to Doggie Dashboard client registration or supplied via email. Kennel Cough vaccination is not a requirement however if your dog does have the vaccine please plan 14 clear days after the vaccination before attending day care / home boarding as it is a live vaccine.


We do take puppies under 1 year, these are subject to a surcharge. Please see our prices page.

As we now have our own male dog who will be the only entire males on the premises we will no longer be taking entire males


Please let us know if you or anyone in your household has Covid symptoms

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